Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gung Hey Fat Choy!

So there's a whole lot of ethnic holidays that you can celebrate in Vancouver: Persian New Year; the Indian festival of lights. I can even take ownership of Robbie Burns Day.

Heh. That's a good one. It's like, "Let's have a celebration because we're Scottish!" Not all Scottish in my family by a long shot, but some. We eat haggis and play the kilt and wear bagpipes and it's stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.

Why? Because difference should be disposed, not disposative. When we need the sources of difference in our background, ethnicity, race, hobby, what have you, we can deploy them for the creation and justification of identity. I'm a nerd; I don't have to justify my interest in comic books. That kind of thing. When our background disposes, that's a problem. You can see that by comparing Scots and Jews on money. Scots are thrifty. Ha ha. It's funny. Jews are thrifty. It's a negative stereotype.

Why the double standard? Because we're talking about Scots and Jews. Scots are the establishment who discriminate against Jews, and that's why Jewish cheapness is disposative, while Scots dispose of their cheapness for a good laugh. At least, if Scots had senses of humour, they would. You know who's funny? ...Hmm. Maybe I won't go there.

Anyway, about Lunar New Year: anyone can celebrate it, but most of us normally don't. Those who do ..well, it ..disposes of Asian Canadians. Traps them in their ethnicity and race, whereas some of us want to open the cage door and get them out. (Or, all conflicts of interest admitted, get inside. The point here is "get.")

But there's always a way to celebrate a holiday without getting bogged down in esoteric meanings and liberal guilt. It's to celebrate the holiday!

With the rising of the Moon tonight, the new year is fully on us. A new year is the year's dawn. All the day is before us. Let us hope it gets us happiness.

Picture stolen from someone with goddamned autoplay on their blog. Vengeance!

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