Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chapter 2,3: Warnings

Havana is a Subtle Clue of the fan fiction variety. 

It's also a tribute to Puerto Rico. And why not? The whole of my social life currently consists of playing it with my fellow UBC Wargamer old farts on Friday nights.  It's fun, and since for some reason we play out in public on the very nice tables in the South Plaza lounge outside the Student Union Building cafeteria, I get field experience with The Young Folks Today, in the form of undergraduates on their way to and from the Pit pub.  
(They're pretty cool, I think. We don't even get old-fashioned suggestions that we need to get a life because we're all nerds now. Cool. Cool cool cool.) 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Chapter 2, 2: Treed

It's always a shock to go back to familiar places and see how they've change. Or how we've changed. That's because we're all time travellers.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Chapter 1 of Volume 2, Chris and Charlotte Vs. the World: Always Arriving

Have I lost track of the Wong genealogy? Why, yes I have. Thanks for noticing. Here it is laid down concretely so that I don't screw it up again.

Generation 0: David II (b. 1983), Henry III (b. 1990), Jenny (b. 1993), May (b. 1995), Jason II and Amy Wong (b. 1997). Unless I adjust birth years to take birthdays into account.
Generation -1: Henry Wong II. [Mr. Wong, Wong Ng Le, Ning Wong, The Furious Fist.]:1(945--); (by Wong Kwan Le) Christopher Wong (1959--1975; 2011--); Charlotte Wong (1961--1975; 2011--)
Generation -2: Wong Da Wei [David Wong I] (1910-1950), Wong Kwan Le (1912—1950, sometime after 1984--present); Wong Yili Shabai (Elizabeth Wong) 1914--1934).
Generation -3: Wong Ng Le [Henry Wong I], 1862--1964
Generation -4: Wong Xiān Qū ('Pioneer' Wong, hence 'Argonaut Wong,' hence Jason Wong I. It's a pseudonym, of course) 1810--1890.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Epilogue: John and the Master Plan

Sometimes, your characters get away from you. I have a plan that has a few more twists and turns to tell on the way to the big climax. Mrs. Wong has a plan that involves matching up every child under her root. She's much more efficient at her plan than I am at any of mine.

So I'm throwing a few more kids at her, just so she doesn't tear through them all before I'm ready for the big climax.