Saturday, June 27, 2015

Chapter 4, 46: Dawn’s Rosy Fingers

Not just Aurora,  the full album! Enjoy. Or whatever.

Seriously, everyone's taken a picture of the outside of the Casa di Crescenzi, but, apparently, Chris Wickham is the first person to have ever been invited inside to look around, and talked about it.
It's like there's some kind of secret society thing going on.

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Death of Grass

When was the last time you were sereved a meal with bread and butter on the side, and were tempted to say, "Never mind the rest of it. Just bring me more of this butter."

It may have been a while, but I'd be surprised if it hadn't happened to you. Not all butter is created equal, and were I a higher-end diner, no doubt I would be enjoying dairy delectables on a level with the kind I was served at Rumours on Thursday night on a daily basis. It went nicely with the Doukhbor wedding borscht that you can get everywhere in Grand Forks, and it should, because butter (and cream) are the not-so secret ingredients of Doukhbor borscht. (The beet, in contrast, you throw out before serving. My kind of people.)

People, we need to talk about Grand Forks. It's not just the place that my Dad ended up in because a particle board plant was hiring after the Port Alice pulp mill invited him to compete for his own job in the black year of 1982. It's also a horror story.

One that could easily have a happy ending.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Chapter 4, 45, The Secret Place

The theses were kept in a weird mezzanine room at the old UBC Library Main Stacks. Which are gone now, because who needs books at the library?

I tell you kids what, in my day. . .

Anyway, apparently no-one ever takes pictures inside the library stacks without an ulterior motive. (Young folk, avert  your eyes!)

See all those wonderful books? No wonder they're excited! Charlotte's hair is about the same length, but less curly, and she doesn't usually wear it up like that. And it's black, of course. She's also got more arm tone. Kung fu, you know.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Chapter 45, Racing Fast

Arm Fall-Off Boy

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