Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fever, February

The boy was too sick to go to work on Wednesday when I was over to visit. Too sick to play video games, even. Though he perked up in the evening enough to play the "virtual console" Wii game Legend of Zelda: Missing Link. (Which he described as an almost unbearable pun. So if you want to date the moment when puns stop being funny, go to midway through sixth grade, and push a little further on.)

The girl, meanwhile, is filling out her "Healthy Choices Journal," which includes entries for healthy eating, specifically, vegetables. Yeah. Like that's going to happen.  Way to not go, first grade health Gestapo.

As for what's beyond the barrier of puns, the boy demolished most of this during his sick day. Now I have to get another copy. And a short dark.

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