Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Underpowered, 1: Break down Dad.

It's 3AM. A Chrysler Reliant with a convertible roof is pulled over on the broad shoulder of Rural Route 5, across the wide ditch is a field of pumpkins and exactly nothing else....
Captain Super-Ultra [Billy Washington]: "Oh, jeez. I'm totally gonna lose my job. I can't take a bus to work on late shift!"
Wolverine Boy (Billy Tatum): Damn it, Billy. Cars aren't supposed to make that kinda noise! Why didn't you take it to a garage? Now we'll never ...what exactly were we doing, again?"
Snakes On a Plane [Jenny Wong]: "Stakeout. Following Lash from the airport. Remember? It was totally, like, five minutes ago."

The Amazing Spleen [Brad Neilsen]: We're, uhm, not going to be late for school, now, are we? I got a chemistry test first period, and I'm going to beat Nita!"
Jenny: Don't worry. My Daddy's got AA. That means they have to send a towtruck for us. I think."
Twilight[The Girl Currently Known as "Mistress Penance, because she changes her Gothy code-name every patrol, and she yells at me when I use her real name, although her cousin just got away with it. Kids today.]: "Straight As and you actually think...I guess you don't dye. AA's for the car or owner. Not not? Not. Just call your Dad, and end the fail."
Brad: "I'm gonna start practicing now. Please don't kill us, Mr. Wong. Please don't kill us, Mr. Wong...."
Billy: "What about Lash? This could come back on us."
Billy T.: "Dunh dunh dunh!"

This is the first in a series of fan fictions set in the Champions Universe (a property of the Cryptic Games Studio licensed to DOJ, Inc. for the pen-and-paper Hero Games RPG line). It features the adventures of the teenaged descendants of Philadelphia's superheroic defenders of the "Gold" and "Silver" Age, the Liberty Legion. The new Liberty Legion has been operating for several years now as a mostly self-described auxiliary of Philadelphia's real superteam, the Liberty League. 

Most of these members, however, are new. And might possibly have chosen their code names under the influence. Except for Jenny Wong, who doesn't do that kind of thing. (If you're wondering, "Snakes on a Plane" is supposed to be "slinky." Jenny would like to be slinky. She'd be good at it, if she just knew how.) Twilight's real name is Anita Guzman, but she's currently not using her "Muggle name." Our narrator is trying to respect that choice. Or be snotty. Whichever.

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