Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Ultimate Secrets

It's not that I didn't intend to start a second blog; it's that I meant to learn how to use these "images" things before I did. But there you go. It's a sad old world, but also an exciting new one. Grass grows from the root, not the tip, so there's always more that's fresh and green coming up.

The ultimate secret of this blog is less obtuse than my other one. I'm a historian, and a nerd. History claims to be a science. Leopold v. Ranke promised to get at what actually happened. That's noble and naive, because the word suggests "story." Humans are always editing their history into the story that they want to be true ..there's a word for that, can't quite put my finger on it. No, not that, but close.

Elsewhere I blog against certain stories that are told with untrue history, mostly stories that are about limiting human possibilities. So this is one about using history to tell stories that make the world true!

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